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Checklist for Entrepreneurs: 6 Steps to Get Started Today

So, you’ve decided to start an online business and you’re totally overwhelmed by all the things you have to do. This checklist for entrepreneurs has got you covered – take a deep breath!

I’m here to break down the list of things to do to get started. If you are a creative entrepreneur (photographer, designer, writer, blogger, etc) or coach (business, spiritual, marketing, etc) this list is perfect for you.

1. Choose a Name

Determine a name for your business. Check on Google Domains and your State’s Business Directory to make sure the name is available. Then check social media sites where you plan to be most visible to ensure it’s available.

2. Do the Legal Stuff

Apply for an LLC and EIN number. I am not a lawyer and in no way giving legal advice. Check your state’s processes and laws.

3. Set up your Social Media Accounts

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, or Pinterest, create your accounts. Have a rock-solid, high-quality profile picture and bio description that is consistent on all platforms.

4. Decide your Content Pillars

These are the 4 topics you will consistently create content on. For example, as a designer, my four content pillars are Brand and Web Design, Business Strategy, Personal Story, and Entrepreneur Motivation. Start posting content on your social media platforms using your content pillars. Remember, what you create for one platform can be repurposed for another.

5. Create a Website

While you’re working on posting content to the outside world, behind the scenes start working on your website. As you work on your website, clarify your packages, pricing, and unique selling point. Be sure to check out 5 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs On Their Website and Best Website Platform for Creatives and Coaches for more information.

6. Find and Connect with your Ideal Clients

Once your website is set up, begin networking! Go to relevant Facebook groups, find your ideal clients on Instagram, and start building connections. Send DMs, write lengthy comments, and offer something of free value. You want to increase visibility and create brand awareness.

That’s it! This six-step checklist for entrepreneurs is exactly what you need to get your dreams into motion.



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