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Branded Copywriting Tips: 3 Tricks to Defined Brand Voice

⁣One important, and often under-utilized, way to brand your business beyond design is in your branded copywriting. Just like how your visuals provide a sense of recognition and connection – the way you write and speak to your audience does the same.⁣ Today, I’m sharing 3 copywriting tips that will change the game for you and your brand!

Branding your content is as easy as taking an afternoon and brain dumping different qualities and characteristics you want to be perceived as. I’m sharing three key copywriting tips to help you best resonate with your target consumer. Bring your visuals/design/aesthetics to life with a strong voice!

1. Define Your Voice

First, define your voice. Here’s an exercise that I’ve found so helpful: fill in the blank sentence and write 10 statements to describe your writing style: ⁣
πŸ‘‰ I am ___ but I’m not ___.⁣
Here are some examples:⁣
➀ I am enthusiastic but I’m not overbearing. ⁣
➀ I am confident but I am not pushy.⁣
➀ I am cheerful but I am vulnerable.⁣

Check out more on brand voice from SproutSocial – it’s so important!

2. Be Authentic

It’s critical to be true and authentic to yourself and to your brand! When you’re writing long-form content, you can really hone into your voice and let it come out. You want it to sound like you are talking to your bestie, so the person reading it feels like you are relatable. By using this trick, you will start to grow a deeper connection with your audience. One of my favorite blog posts is about design — one of my favorite things to obsess over!

3. Be Unique

We all have our weird mannerisms and sayings that come out when we’re hanging out with our family and friends. Let those unique things come on in your written content as well. You don’t have to hide your weirdness. Actually, bring it out more! These unique mannerisms will help create brand-specific awareness to your audience so that you can stand out.

Branded Copywriting


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