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Best Website Platform for Creatives x Coaches: No Coding Required

I have spent countless hours building websites with all the big players and I know how confusing picking where to host your website can be. I’ve done it all — from learning how to code to going deep into Reddit threads to figure out to add or change a feature! I’m ready to report my final verdict on the best website platform for creatives.

These experiences are based on creating beautiful, custom websites that every creative entrepreneur and online coach dreams of. Let’s jump right in!


WordPress is the household name we all have come to know for website development and hosting. Creating websites on WordPress is best when you find a template (free or paid) that you like and will solely plug-in-play your content. Adding any customizations (like uploading your own font, changing the layout of photos/texts, integrating with an email marketing platform) will most likely need a plug-in and additional coding. The learning curve to figuring those tiny things out starts to run high. WordPress is great for brick and mortar businesses that need a website to post basic information. If you run an online business, you need many more capabilities and customizations without all the complications. In my book, WordPress is a definite pass as an ideal website platform for creatives – especially those that are wanting to present a consistent brand image. (More on the necessary components of a website here!)


Squarespace has brought its name to the top of the charts through its marketing tactics, targeting businesses and entrepreneurs. They pride themselves on their simplicity and user-friendliness – here are a few examples of sites created on Squarespace. Although the platform is much easier to use and understand than WordPress, Squarespace is also limited in design based on pre-existing templates.

For instance, suppose you choose a template because you loved the layout of the homepage but you want to have a different type of menu. It will impossible to make that change. Finding a template that has everything the exact way you like it AND offers all the integrations you need is increasingly difficult with Squarespace.


Lesser known, but quickly gaining traction – this platform made its name as the go-to platform for photographers. Soon other creative entrepreneurs caught on and realized the limitless possibilities this platform offers. Showit offers templates but does not require or limit you to using them. Hence, you have a blank canvas to drag and drop anything you want (photos, images, texts, menus, drawings, etc.). Then, you can build the website exactly the way you want to – without knowing any coding. Creating links, buttons, and menus are as easy as left-click and paste. Having layered photos is as easy as drag and drop. You can move anything around without limiting yourself to columns and tables!

🏆 Final Answer: ShowIt = the best website platform for creatives!

And the winner is – Showit.co. The creative freedom on the platform allows you to express your brand in a fun, easy, and authentic way. I’ve seen all the best coaches and entrepreneurs really level-up their website and more often than not, it’s all done on Showit. The best website platform for creatives and coaches hands-down is Showit! Hop on the bandwagon, because the next stop is Bomb Websites Station.

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