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Design Trends We Are Totally Obsessed With

Design is an ever-changing art form. Like fashion, different trends come along with the seasons. 2020 is a great time to uplevel your branding and these trends will give you the spice and life your content needs. Use the power of visuals to help create the story of your brand, so your audience becomes ultimately attached and wildly loyal to you. As you hop on the train to aesthetics station, take these trends and make them uniquely yours.

When it comes to branding and website design, these are the trends we’re totally obsessed with.

1. Mixing Font Styles

Quote Multiple Text Font Styles

There is definitely a trend right now with mixing the different font styles (regular, italic, bold) for a singular purpose. It’s adds depth, personality and is used strategically to highlight certain words.

Credit: High Moon Studio @highmoonstudio

2. Multi-colored Logos

Multi Color Logo Design Example

Black and white logo no more! This darling design trend is especially popular right now with female entrepreneurs in the online business space. It adds a certain sweet and friendliness that we’re totally into. Some have even more fun by alternating different color shades for each letter.

Credit: Hey Pippa @_heypippa

3. Using “White” Space

White Space Example

White space (or black space in this case) helps tell a much more powerful story than to overcrowd a space with all the information. Trying to fit all of your information into a space takes away from the graphic as your reader is probably going to scroll past it. Create curiosity by utilizing blank space.

Credit: Her Brande @herbrande_

4. Incorporating Line Art

Line Art Example

Line art is the best cross between illustrations and minimalist design. It’s simplicity and delicacy does not take away from the powerful imagery that it exudes. Sometimes less is best.

Credit: Natasha Zoryk @natasha.zoryk

5. Combination Logos

Line Art Brand Mark Logo

Speaking of line art, it has been showing up more and more in logos recently. This combination of word mark and brand marks as a part of your logo stash is especially trendy now. Also, when it helps to tell a story about your brand and personality, a brand mark design is definitely powerful.

Credit: Honey and Co @honeyandcocreative

Design Trends


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