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Building a Business Website: Five Game-Changing Must-Haves

Having a website is essential – a strategic, modern website is a complete game-changer in business.

There are deep-rooted psychological tactics that businesses use to properly promote and market their products. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to meet (hopefully exceed!) the expectations of your customers. Let’s dive into marketing tactics that will elevate your business website and make you a strategic CEO!

1. Strong One-Liner (ultimate must-have!)

This is THE most important marketing strategy that every business needs and most businesses confuse. A one-liner message is a concise sentence that clearly states:

  • who the business is for,
  • what problem the business is solving, and,
  • what end result you will achieve with the brand

Example One: Helping women with marketing and sales strategies. 

Example Two: Helping badass women start businesses and living their best life.

In the first example, there is no problem or end result stated. The who is vague and will not resonate deeply. In the second example, it will resonate with a woman who goes against the grain stronger (“badass” women over here!). By using the word “start”, you are stating that the current circumstance has a lack – which is a problem. The end result demonstrates that after working with that business, a woman will have a business and be living her best life. 

Hint: Don’t make it complicated. It should be simple and include all three ingredients. This one-liner message should be very apparent throughout your marketing material and website. On your business website homepage, place above the fold*.

2. An Obvious Call to Action

A Call to Action (CTA) is a necessary component to get someone to take action – and action is what you want on a business website! People do not take action unless they are challenged or called to do so. The easiest way to call someone to action is having a button with clear text like “Buy Now”, “Click Here”, or “Get Started”. You can get creative with the verbiage as long as it is clear where the button will take you — here are 39 examples of CTAs! The key is to keep the verbiage short.

In addition, button placement is critical. Our eyes work through a “Z” shaped-scan when we land on a new page. The best place to have a button is above the fold on the homepage on the top right corner and the center middle of the page. 

The button should also be a different color that clearly stands out and brings attention. Attention = more clicks = more sales/interest on a business website!

3. A Transitionary Call to Action

A transitionary call to action button is used as a fail-safe option for people that are not yet ready to make a purchase or follow through on the CTA button (#2 above!). Although a person may not be ready to make the plunge, you still want them to stay connected to your business website and your offerings. Certainly, they may be future customers!

A transitionary call to action provides an opportunity for people to have exclusive content in exchange for their email address. Gaining access to their *coveted* email inbox allows you to continue to nurture the relationship and eventually pitch your services. Most importantly, this exchange of valuable knowledge builds trust with the prospective client!

Examples of valuable content are an exclusive PDF download or video training series, available on your business website.

4. Bite-Sized Information

Living and breathing in the Digital Era = an overwhelm of information!

Our brains are always scanning through large chunks of information to find the important pieces and make sense of the overload. The information provided on your business website should be provided in bite sizes through bullet points, large headings, and short paragraphs.

In the same vein, focus on providing necessary information on your business website. Without this, readers may not understand the message you want to convey or may even completely turn away without knowing what your business is about.

5. Images of Success

Last, but not least, visuals will always tell a story that resonates deeply with emotions. The copy is important, as are images on a successful business website.

Therefore, showing images of what success looks like with your brand can convey the message that this is a possible outcome for the reader. By choosing photos that show happiness, confidence, stress-free living, you can create the story that your product or service can provide these same emotions. Align this closely with your brand and one-liner! You can get some inspiration from girl bosses I’ve worked with.


  • What your business does, who it does it for, and what the end result is should fit in a clear concise sentence.
  • To get someone to purchase your product or book your services, you need a clear, obvious call to action button.
  • There should be a “transitionary” CTA button to catch those who aren’t ready to make a big commitment.
  • Information on websites should be provided in bite-sized pieces.
  • Photos on the website should convey what success would look like with your brand.

*  Above the fold refers to the upper part of the website before you start scrolling.


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