Launching a website is hard.

Building a website is a science and art. I've helped over 40 women over the past two years launch a website that has helped catapult their business and                        

I tried to launch My own website, but it's a lot harder than I thought it'd be

i have a website, but it's doesn't have the look i want or provide  the results i desire

i'm starting a business, feel super overwhelmed, and need help with my website

I'm here to make it easy.

which one do you resonate with?

don't worry - you're in the right place.

their income.

With a background in marketing and communications, I fuse together a well-crafted strategy and personalized design. You can bet after working with me your website will become your FAVORITE asset.

intentional DESIGN

One of the biggest feedback I get from my clients is that they felt HEARD during the process. I care about your brand and am truly committed to seeing you succeed.

committed to your success

Investing in a website can be steep and scary. Agencies can charge upwards of $15-20k and buying a cheap template isn't going to launch your website for you. I ensure my prices stay reasonable, so your investment feels WORTH IT.

reasonable pricing

why choose me

a strategy that makes marketing easier.

the foundation

a brand that Magnetizes your audience.

the design

a website that works while you sleep.

the development


digital agencies

service providers

creators & coaches

A one-stop shop

Your brand needs a clear plan and unique messaging to help it stand out and expand it's reach. We'll help you do both.


You'll get a unique logos a specialized color palette, and a suite of fonts stylized to bring your brand to life.

✓ BRANDing

Have your backend set up optimally, so from someone visiting your website to becoming a customer is a smooth process.

✓ business backend

The website is designed completely customized. Your design will be unique for your brand based on your style.


With people being on-the-go having mobile optimization is crucial. Clunky Websites = people exiting right away.

✓ MOBILE-optimized

Flodesk, Instagram feeds, LTK feeds, YouTube channels are just a few of our popular email & social integrations. 


to launch a cult-worthy brand.

to launch a
cult-worthy brand.

She was super attentive, understood what I wanted, and made the process super easy and stress free. I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for a new and fresh website designer!


So happy I chose to work with Mahek, my website and brand got a full makeover and look incredible! Mahek was so helpful in creating my vision and truly made my brand come to life.


400k on instagram

67k on instagram

Before working with Mahek, i was overwhelmed with the complexities of building a website. Everything is creatively put to create unique brands that can be different from the rest! 


50k on Tiktok

 I'd highly recommend working with her if you want a professional but gorgeous website. It's better than anything i could have ever created myself and was well worth the investment. 


She has an eye for detail and for that truly feminine touch. She helped me in every way she could, also outside the website, and gave some tips and recs. She has just a bubbly and great personality!


39k on ig

From the beginning of the process, I really clicked with Mahek. I had talked to other brand designers, but Mahek went above and beyond to make me feel heard!

sully g

23.5k on ig

Mahek created the most beautiful branding for me that created all the feels I was looking for. I feel so much more excited and confident to be putting out content now!

bonnie byrne

If I could give 100 stars to Mahek I would!! She took my message about my business and made it come to life!!!  Anyone looking for a website creator would be in ahmazing hands with her!!

brianna clark

While working on my website, I was surprised by the level of creativity she has, especially coming up with the theme. So happy I made this decision, and I highly recommend her to all female brands.




powerhouse women

Obsessed with their Passion

examples of women like you, i've worked with.

youtube creator

digital agency



fitness coach

Leadership coach

Complete the application so I can learn about you and your business. If you're a good fit, I'll invite you to schedule a consult call to discuss the project in details!


Before we begin, you'll complete the onboarding forms, provide a Pinterest Board, provide your website copy via a custom form, and upload your high-definition photos.


I'll provide the strategy and design of your brand and website. You'll get a chance to provide feedback and get revisions! When everything has been approved, we'll launch everything and you'll be set to go!


Let's Get Started

why choosing me is a Great investment

why working with Me is a great

business decision.

I've been a Communications and Marketing expert for over five years, and have helped businesses in all different industries strengthen their message, communicate their value, and reach their goals. I'll help you do the same.

GET VALUABLE INSIGHT on your marketing

The entire project will follow a timeline. This means no more dragging your feet on the website or letting this thing hold you back for MONTHS. You'll have a set launch date, so you can plan accordingly and move forward.

have a set launch date, no more delays

You won't have to worry about any of the tech stuff like setting up your domain. I know these things can be tricky, so I'll take of getting things set-up, so you can use your time more efficiently.

get the technical stuff taken care of

The Website Strategy might be the least thing you care about now, but it's the first thing you'll think of if things aren't going well. I'll build intentionally from the get-go, so you can feel assured your website is an asset for your business.


If you read my reviews, you'll notice all my clients say this one thing: they felt HEARD. I ensure you're a part of the creative process and the final product is better than you could've ever imagined.

your vision will come to life in the best way

Designing a logo on Canva means that anyone on the Internet can replicate it. Therefore, it's not unique and you can't trademark it. The logo I'll provide will be 100% unique and you'll be able to trademark it when you're ready.


You'll get branding guidelines that will make creating content easier. Whether that's creating an Instagram post or an email newsletter or even your first digital product - having guidelines will ensure everything stays ON-BRAND.

make content creation easy & fun

I'm a Chicago native that's fueled by good strategy and jaw-dropping design. I founded my studio over two years ago and since then I've worked with countless female entrepreneurs and creators. I'm known to really help you nail down your aesthetic, integrate a rock solid marketing strategy, and become your design bestie throughout the experience. 

I love traveling and have lived in places like Madrid and Bali. You'll catch me in the mornings making an oatmilk latte, journaling, reading, singing affirmations, and finding new design inspiration. I'm so happy to have you here!

lover of aesthetics, designer to rebellious dreamers, and good vibes junkie

Meet Your Designer

Hey heyy! My name is Mahek (rhymes with what the heck).

Hey heyy! My name is Mahek

(rhymes with what the heck).

Ready to Launch Your Dream Website?

I am. Let's make some magic friend.

It's time to make a leap and go all in.