It's time to make some power moves.

You're starting a business to make your passion more than a Pinterest board, to have more freedom in life, and to go after your dreams. You are ready to do this.

But you're stuck. While you're trying to figure out what it takes to become the Chrissy Teigan of your industry, you're watching other business owners pass you by.

Is it their services? Are they just better than you? Hell no.
Is it their drive? Are they just more ambitious? I don't think so.

No, you just need to something to make your business legit. To make a stand and say: I am here. Work with me. Buy from me.

Wanna know what that secret something is? You need to create a bomb AF unique brand and launch a website.

Don't Just build a business, build an obsession-worthy brand

A business sells services. A brand serves solutions.
A business makes dollars. A brand inspires devotion.
A business can crash and burn. A brand lasts forever.

Your business is your baby. So when you launch your brand, it should be done right the first time - you can't redo a first impression.

At Her Brande, we help ambitious entrepreneurs create those innovative, powerful brands. Our custom mix of strategy, design, and the basics of business means we can act as a true collaborative partner.

Are you ready to turn your business into something beautiful? You've come to the right place.

Mahek created the most beautiful branding for me that created all the feels I was looking for. 


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Hiii Im Mahek Lakhani


I love mixing aesthetics + strategy, and I'm creative to my core.

My motto is to always make power moves in everything I do. Whether it's going all-in on business or moving across the world, I'm the kind of girl who wants to do it big.

If you're ready to launch the brand of your dreams—and make it the biggest and baddest thing yet—let's get right to it.

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